I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Moore of Vowel. For those who do not know, Vowel are a screamo band based in the depths of Columbus, Ohio (which is also home to fellow bands, Battleships and Things Fall Apart). They released one LP, ‘All the Sad Songs’, as well as appearing in two of the compilations. We discussed a variety of topics ranging from the very beginnings of the band to future projects that are comings soon and other stuff like their Kickstarter too!

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First off, how did Vowel start out?

Chris Moore: We actually started off as a fun little recording project. Bobby runs a recording studio out of his basement called Paper Tiger Studios, so we would just head over there and any “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…” ideas we had, we could easily make into a reality. After getting a lot of attention locally and from the online community, we decided to actually pursue playing out, instead of only recording.

RS: What are some of your inspirations/favorite bands that influence the music you make?

CM: Oh man, this is a very loaded question! I’ll just list a bunch of bands we love, in no particular order: The Saddest Landscape, Fear Before the March of Flames, Carissa’s Wierd, Alexisonfire, Bad Religion, Propagandhi, Thrice (pre-The Alchemy Index), Cursive, Loma Prieta, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, anything Kinsella related, Hot Water Music… i could go on for days

What made you pick the name ‘Vowel’? Why not ‘Consonant’?

CM: Because you have to buy us on Wheel of Fortune.

How has this experience differed from past projects like High Five, Atom Bomb, etc.?

CM: Back In High Five, Atom Bomb, I (Chris) wrote all of the music. In Vowel, we have a lot more of a democratic song writing process. we are open to any idea and will try it out to see if we like it. If the idea is a flop, no big deal. we just move on.

Violins have been a rarity in screamo music but have been found in bands like I Would Set Myself on Fire For You. What made you decide to incorporate the violin into your music?

CM: Originally, we had Amelia come in to lay the violin down for “There’s Nothing For You Here”, but we had her lay it down on a few other tracks, and we decided we loved it, so she joined the band full time.

What’s the normal recording process for you guys?

CM: Having a drummer who runs his own recording studio out of his house is definitely a plus. We like to keep a very relaxed recording environment. We’ll pick up some beer and have fun with it. Recording can be stressful enough.

You recently went on tour with Things Fall Apart, how did it go and how cool are they from a scale of one to ten?

CM: It was a blast! We love those guys and we experienced great hospitality every where we played. I would rate them 1,000 out of 10. Those dudes are so much fun. Don’t believe us? Watch.

You recently announced a split with Coma Regalia too. How did you two bands come together and set it up?

CM: We actually started talking right when Real Screamo Compilation 2 came out. We both were really impressed with the other’s work and just decided to do it. We also had the pleasure of playing with them in Indianapolis on our tour. They are some down dudes.

Other than the split, what does the future hold for Vowel?

CM: Well, we are trying to get money raised to release “All the Sad Songs" on vinyl, but we are super broke. we made a kickstarter page but it isn’t looking too promising now. We are working on a split with our buddies in Battleships, a split with Dial-Up from Richmond, Va, and we were hoping to get the opportunity to do a release with our good friends State Faults. Also, I forgot to mention another important thing! We are going on an east coast tour in September!!

Seeing that you and State Faults have a thing for Megaman, what’s your favorite video game of all-time?

CM: You are damn right we have a thing for Megaman! Other than that, we all love games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom.

With no weapons, what is the strongest animal you can fight in hand-to-hand combat?

CM: I’d personally like to have a go at a koala. We’d probably eat a bunch of eucalyptus and fall asleep though.

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