Eros + Massacre - Behind the aesthetic form lies the repressed harmony of sensuousness and reason

As I have said before, the dudes from ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! have a new project. They have a rather unique blend of black metal and 90’s screamo. It’s a must listen to anyone who is a fan of Loma Prieta, Shikari, Resurrectionist, Wolves in the Throne Room, Liturgy, and/or Deafheaven.

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Old Problems - Demo

A four-track EP from Texas screamo band Old Problems. The dude who sent me this said he was going to release it on cassette but I have no idea what his label name is or when it is going to be released so here it is. Free download too. Take advantage.

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The Most Sad - …And We Spoke of Disorder

An incredible EP from a band that is sadder than the rest. Recording entirely on their own, they have created a sound reminiscent to bands like Foxes or Vowel while still having an anthem-ish sound of their sound. This EP truly surprised me; check it out. It’s name your own price too. Woo!

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